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    China exhibition association (hereinafter referred to as: the Chinese exhibition association) in June 1984 was registered in the registration with the ministry of civil affairs, is the only national exhibition industry organization of our country, the society for national level, international exhibition organizers (UFI) member national association. The competent business unit is the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council. Exhibition of China is mainly composed of exhibition, the organizer, exhibition venue, exhibition center, exhibition, exhibition engineering company transportation companies, exhibition, exhibition of institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, media, and related to the exhibition industry and participated voluntarily by enterprises and institutions with legal person qualification. Currently has nearly 300 member units, located in 29 provinces, more than 70 cities, including in the name of the regional exhibition association, the industry association to join the group and their dozens or even hundreds of member, member of the business scope covers the whole exhibition industry chain.

In order to adapt to the situation of rapid development, our country exhibition organizers to cope with the international competition and cooperation of exhibition industry, according to industry consensus, approved by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council and the ministry of civil affairs, China exhibition within the association set up ZuZhan professional committee, exhibition, exhibition engineering professional committee of theoretical research committee. China is gradually becoming a national exhibition industry association.

China exhibition association since its inception, actively serve the industry, service for members, government and industry information and provide a platform for the exchange, got the industry praise and recognition. China exhibition association hosted the "China exhibition" magazine, successfully organized BBS activities of different themes, alone or jointly with Peking University has organized several training Chinese exhibition industry, many organizations to strengthen internal contact and communication of fellowship activities. The development strategy of China exhibition association is: actively developing members, pay attention to absorb the exhibition organizers, exhibition engineering and related services of the enterprises and institutions membership; Does the practical work hard for the member, to provide diversified services to members and the industry; Work closely with the education scientific research institutions, jointly do a good job in the training, improve the professional quality; Actively organize international exchanges and cooperation; Construction of exhibition information and the spread of knowledge platform, in order to the common development of the industry.

With global economic integration and China's sustained economic growth, the exhibition organizers in China is faced with unprecedented development opportunities and challenges, China association of exhibition hall will unite the industry tongren, advancing with The Times, self-improvement, self-discipline create brilliant China exhibition organizers.


Position: China exhibition hall, chairman of the association
Zheng Shijun, male, han nationality, the Chinese communist party party member, born in 1962, started to work in August 1984, graduated from guangzhou institute of foreign languages, a college degree.
1980.09 1984.07 guangzhou institute of foreign language students
1984.08 1991.02 ccpit to cadre of exhibition department and other departments
1991.02 1993.01 China port company cadres (metre)
1993.01 1994.11 China port company cadres (at)
1994.12 1998.7 exhibition center exhibition department deputy manager (place class)
1998.08 2001.07 exhibition center service manager (ZhengChuJi)
2001.08 2004.08 brought the company market sales manager
2004.08 2005.05 Beijing co., LTD., vice general manager of both international exhibition center
2005.06 2007.02 & have spent Both in Beijing international exhibition center, general manager of a limited liability company (subsidiary), general manager of
Group vice President and general manager of Beijing 2007.02 2008.07 certainly brought the investment development co., LTD., director, general manager, chairman of the board of directors
2008.07 2008.11 & have spent Brought the cadres group co., LTD
2008.11-2009.06 our ccpit department (exhibition management office) deputy secretary, deputy director of ()
2009.06 so far, vice-president of China international exhibition center group corporation


The director

Vice President of China international exhibition center (group) corporation Zheng Shijun

Vice director of

(in order of strokes of Chinese characters)

The Shanghai international exhibition center general manager wu jiang hong
Shanghai exhibition center (group) co., LTD., general manager of He Weixing
Shanghai new international expo center co., LTD., Zhou Luping deputy general manager
China's foreign trade center (group) Chen Shu winter hall, general manager of the sales department customer service center
The Beijing international exhibition center general manager Mr Chen
Tension, general manager of Beijing exhibition center
Wuhan international convention &exhibition center Yao Xianhua general manager
Kunming international convention and exhibition center co., LTD., zhang, chairman of the clouds
Changzhou informed exhibition equipment co., LTD., chairman of the board of the sd
Shenzhen association meeting exhibition organizers Zheng Qize secretary general
Shenzhen convention and exhibition center Su Yanwei chairman
Xiamen exhibition group co., LTD. Zhang Re of chairman

Professional committee

The China association for exhibition ZuZhan Chen Xianjin, director of the professional committee of the secretary-general, included
Sd, director of the China association of museum exhibition engineering professional committee secretary general Zheng Jianjun
Secretary general of the China exhibition hall association theory research committee director He Weixing Cui Li

The secretariat

Deputy secretary general liu ship phone: 010-84600961
Assistant secretary-general Cui Li telephone: 010-84600958
Wang Xiaohua telephone: 010-84600956
Liu on the phone: 010-84600962
Lv product telephone: 010-84600966
The bankcard telephone: 010-84600953
Liu Yangsi Vivian call: 010-84600964
Wei Ruirui telephone: 010-84600701
Hu Liangxue telephone: 010-84600702



About the fourth batch of exhibition industry enterprise credit evaluation

Brought the word [2013] no. 007

The relevant units:
    With the development of the socialist market economy, more and more enterprises realize that credit assessment is of great significance. Honesty is the source of the sustainable development of industry and enterprise of the origin of the way of future business, societe generale ". Credit rating is helpful to improve enterprise brand, avoid business risks, train the ability of the sustainable development of the enterprise. At the same time, some application projects to the enterprise's credit rating also puts forward the corresponding requirements, especially in government procurement, technical cooperation, product import and export, project establishment, tendering and bidding, etc., good corporate credit can be widely used, to win more market opportunities for the enterprise.
    The party central committee and state council attaches great importance to the whole social credit system construction, encourage enterprises to actively participate in credit evaluation, and further perfect the market economic system, standardize the market economic order and ensure coordinated and rapid development of social economy. The party's 16th national congress put forward "improve and standardize the market order, improve the social credit system" of the modern market economy, the party's congress put forward "standardize and develop the industry associations and market intermediary organizations, improve the social credit system" of the strategic task. In 2009 the government work report emphasized "in advancing the reform and opening up, to accelerate the construction of modern market system, energetically develop modern distribution, further rectify and standardize market order, promoting the construction of social credit system". With the development of socialist modernization, to strengthen the construction of credit, is the important task of our country's economic and social development in the new period.
    According to the general office of the ministry of commerce and the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council issued "on the printing of the second batch of pilot unit industry credit evaluation list notice (commercial credit word [2008] no. 1), the China association for exhibition officially awarded the credit rating industry in 2008 pilot qualifications, became the only exhibition industry has the qualifications of enterprise credit rating business association. As of this year, the China association of the exhibition hall has carried out three batch of exhibition industry credit rating evaluation work, after careful review, the third party China's export credit insurance company under the guidance and assistance, A total of 67 units passed the review, including 13 "AAA" enterprise, "AA" grade enterprise 23, "A" grade enterprise 29, 2 "B" grade enterprise, has obtained the good effect.
    In order to further promote the construction of China's exhibition industry credit system, standardize the industry development, build the honest code of honor, the market order of fair competition, should be the majority of the member units, according to the seventh five times the council resolution, the China association for exhibition hall will be on April 12, 2013, the fourth batch of exhibition industry credit rating evaluation work, now the matters related to notice the following:
    One, the purposes and principles work
    Industry credit rating evaluation work for the member enterprise services, is the purpose of promoting industry self-discipline, improve the level of trade credit and enterprise credit risk prevention ability. Its working principle of voluntary, fairness and non-profit.
    Second, the content of the evaluation system
    By the examination and approval of the ministry of commerce, state-owned assets supervision and administration of credit evaluation expert panels, exhibition enterprise credit evaluation content includes: the external factors and internal factors, operating and financial conditions, the credit risk management implementation, suppliers, customers, conditions, and other aspects.
    Three, evaluation grades, certificates, signs, and effective date
   According to the industry credit assessment to practice the "three unified" requirements, exhibition enterprise credit rating is divided into third class AAA, AA, A, B, C grade 5. AAA says enterprise credit rating is very good; AA good enterprise credit rating; A level enterprise credit rating is better; B said enterprise credit rating in general; C grade said enterprise credit rating is poor. The evaluation results on unity "XXX enterprise credit evaluation grade credit enterprise". Credit rating certificate and sign by I will be in accordance with the unified "commerce" and "sasac" design style, uniform number. Enterprise credit rating evaluation result is valid for three years. The period of validity of credit enterprise organization once a year review. Review will be continue to enjoy the original credit rating or upgrade, not eligible to be cut. After the expiry of the enterprise must reapply for credit evaluation.
    Four, credit evaluation results of the public, and the application of the certificate
    (a) of the public online
    Approval, the evaluation results to the rating of unified standards issued by the ministry of commerce enterprise credit rating certificate and credit evaluation sign; Companies list in the ministry of commerce China network market order, the exhibition hall association website, China's export credit insurance company of China website.
    (b) the certificate application
    SinoRating ratings can be embedded into the government's major projects bidding, government procurement, as well as the use of government special fund. The influence of the government, promoting honesty, promote credit sales, and promote the construction of credit system. Bank by SinoRating rating can effectively judge the enterprise comprehensive risk, to the enterprise credit conditions were determined, the loan amount, reduce the bank's lending risks and income of capital operation. Through SinoRating rating, credit insurance companies can accurately assess buyers risk, the measure of protecting a overall credit conditions, make insurance policy covering more quantitative, formulate more reasonable interest rate and reduce the enterprise insurance cost, get more support.
    Five, application of exhibition enterprise credit evaluation
Exhibition enterprise credit evaluation, by the China association of museum exhibition industry credit evaluation committee to be responsible for, by the ministry of commerce, state-owned assets supervision and administration of deployment, the exhibition industry enterprise credit evaluation and the implementation of the work;
    (a)The basic conditions for applying
        (1) registered in China and three full fiscal year of the enterprises in the exhibition industry.
        (2) the last three annual advocate business wu income;
        (3) the enterprise in a constant state, not to close, stop
        (4) in the business activities of the last three years no major illegal record, record and major complaint of the administrative agencies reported.
    (b)The registration deadline
    On April 30, 2013 for the registration deadline.
    Eligible enterprises need to submit the acknowledgement voucher of eligible enterprises "(appendix 1) by fax back to China exhibition association for registration, and exhibition association website (http://www.vhzkbg.live/) in China association of dynamic download the China association of exhibition enterprise credit assessment information form (attachment 2), prepare the material as required.
    (c)Review the material submitted to the deadline
    On May 15, 2013 for the China association of exhibition enterprise credit assessment information form (attachment 2) and the written materials submitted to the deadline. To submit the information to be truthful and accurate and affix the seal of the unit, a binder, in duplicate, sent to the China association of exhibition hall in the form of delivery, the recipient: Wang Xiaohua. At the same time, the electronic materials sent to the email: [email protected] (marked "evaluation materials").
    If major problems, please consult the China export credit insurance company credit evaluation center, contact: wang; Telephone: 010-66582474.
    (d)Expert review time
    Unified sent to review after filing materials collected, in June 2013 by expert review.
    (e)The public notice the time
    In July 2013, according to the relevant provisions of the evaluation results to submit audit, approval, in the order of the ministry of commerce of China market network (http://www.12312.gov.cn/), China association of exhibition network (http://www.vhzkbg.live/) of the public.
    (f) Award and awarded the certificate of time:
    Brand award ceremony in July 2013, the credit rating certificate issued by the China association for exhibition company signs and credit evaluation.
    Six, fee standards
    Credit rating for the initial price of 8000 yuan. "Evaluation units in the submitted review materials at the same time, will review the costs into the China association of exhibition hall bank account. Order to indicate the "credit evaluation" (invoice project: if the required invoice looked up unit and remittances unit, shall indicate the name of the entity), and fax the bank slip to the association.
        Account name: China association for exhibition 
        Bank: both the industrial and commercial bank of China Beijing branch
    Seven, contact information
    (a) Chinese exhibition association contacts: Wang Xiaohua
        Consultation telephone: 010-8460 0956
        Fax:010-8460 0955
        Email address:[email protected] 
        Address: Beijing chaoyang district north third ring road east China international exhibition center is a 6) on four floor, room 363
        Zip code: 100028
        Relevant data download site (China exhibition association) : www.vhzkbg.live
    (b) China's export credit insurance company contact: wang
        Consultation telephone:010-6658 2474
        Fax:010-6651 6097
        Email address:[email protected]
    Attachment 1:Eligible enterprises return receipt
    Attachment 2:《The China association of exhibition enterprise credit rating information return》

   China association of the exhibition hall
    On 11 April 2013

    Eight, other need to provide documents list
     1、By the administrative department for industry and commerce yearly check for the record, build official seal of the legal person business license, the import and export license, organization code, tax registration number and bank reference, such as tax credit certificate copy;
     2、Enterprise management system certification and obtained the honor such as proof that reflect the status of enterprise credit data copy;
     3、Build official seal of the last three years (2010-2012) of the audited financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, the cash flow statement) and the audit report. 2012 temporary unaudited financial statements enterprise, please provide the business continuity of enterprise financial statements in 2012;
     4、Enterprise management status at present stage summary of the material, including, but not limited to the development history of enterprises, the main business and nearly three years business development, strategic planning and implementation, and overview the status quo of enterprise culture, etc. The summary material with this return all electronic and printed version.


China association of the exhibition hall

Address: Beijing chaoyang district north third ring road east China international exhibition center is a 6) on four floor, room 363
Contact phone: 010-84600953
Fax: 010-84600955
Email address: [email protected]
Zip code: 100028


Director of the unit
1 China international exhibition center (group) corporation
Vice director of the unit
1 Beijing international exhibition center
2 Beijing exhibition center
3 Smart exhibition system co., LTD
4 Shanghai international exhibition center co., LTD
5 Shanghai new international expo center co., LTD
6 Shanghai exhibition center (group) co., LTD
7 Shenzhen convention and exhibition center
8 Shenzhen city association meeting exhibition organizers
9 Wuhan international convention and exhibition center co., LTD
10 Xiamen exhibition group co., LTD
11 China foreign trade center (group)
12 Kunming international convention and exhibition center
The standing director unit
1、Chinese clothing association (fashion bo exhibition in Beijing international exhibition co., LTD.)
2, the national conference center
3, Beijing world trade center
4, pen, Beijing exhibition co., LTD.
5, mailed in international exhibition advertising co., LTD.
6, Beijing zhenwei exhibition co., LTD.
7, China machine tool industry association
8, China international trade center co., LTD.
9, China council for the promotion of international trade branch of textile industry
10, China's printing and printing equipment industrial association
11, China council for the promotion of trade industry branch
12, both in tianjin center co., LTD.
13 BoHua, Shanghai international exhibition co., LTD.
14, Frankfurt exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD.
15, Munich exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD.
16, zhejiang museum
17, hangzhou association meeting exhibition organizers
18, ningbo international conference and exhibition center co., LTD.
19, suzhou international expo center co., LTD.
20, jiangxi exhibition center
21, sichuan science and technology museum
22, chengdu century city new international exhibition center
23, jinan shun plow international conference and exhibition center
24, dalian xinghai exhibition center
25, Qingdao international convention center
26, zhengzhou international conference and exhibition co., LTD.
27, xinjiang international exhibition center
28, Harbin international conference and exhibition sports center co., LTD.
29, xi 'an qujiang international conference and exhibition (group) co., LTD.
30, liaoning industrial exhibition hall
31, anhui art international convention and exhibition management co., LTD.
32, the national agriculture exhibition hall
33 points, Beijing meaning space exhibition co., LTD.
34, China machine tool corporation
Director of the unit
1、China electronics international exhibition advertising co., LTD
2, China automobile industry international cooperation corporation
3, application industry association, China food additive production
4, China entertainment technology association
5, the ministry of health center for international exchanges and cooperation with
6, Beijing HuaYi east exhibition co., LTD.
7, Beijing HuaYi cima exhibition engineering co., LTD.
8, the guangxi zhuang autonomous region museum
9, Beijing xin psyche exhibition service co., LTD.
10, Beijing rain culture communication co., LTD.
11, Beijing shengshi yongxin exhibition co., LTD.
12, international exhibition center in hebei province
13, langfang international exhibition group co., LTD.
14, tianjin binhai convention and exhibition co., LTD.
15, hannover exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD.
16, a nice exhibition design engineering co., LTD., Shanghai
17, Shanghai and wide exhibition co., LTD.
18, and guangdong modern exhibition management co., LTD.
19, AnGeBo system (international) company
20, guangzhou jinhan exhibition center
21, guangzhou jia yi "exhibition equipment co., LTD.
22, shenzhen watch industry association
23, hangzhou peace international conference and exhibition center
24, China commodity city, international exhibition center
25, wenzhou volunteers to display equipment co., LTD.
26, zhejiang south zoke culture exhibition co., LTD.
27, suzhou and design construction engineering co., LTD.
28, the Inner Mongolia museum
29, changzhou hawk display equipment manufacturing co., LTD.
30, nanjing international exhibition center co., LTD.
31, hunan international convention and exhibition center
32, hunan exhibition hall (head office)
33, nanning international convention and exhibition co., LTD.
34, guizhou museum
35, shaanxi international exhibition center
36, shaanxi xu summit exhibition co., LTD.
37, shenyang international exhibition center
38, wuhan longteng exhibition development co., LTD.
39, in yangling demonstration zone, expositions
40, Qingdao international convention and exhibition co., LTD.
41, chongqing exhibition center co., LTD.
42, qinghai international conference and exhibition center
43, the strait, fuzhou international convention and exhibition center co., LTD.
44, shanxi museum
45, Beijing Oriental specialty exhibition co., LTD.
46, Shanghai dragon exhibition decoration engineering co., LTD.
47, Shanghai million product display design engineering co., LTD.
48, yinchuan international convention and exhibition center
49, dalian xinghai expo exhibition co., LTD.
50, Beijing bo can age international exhibition co., LTD.
51 than image planning co., LTD., Beijing's
52, wuhan beauty exhibition service co., LTD
53, Beijing festival expo exhibition consulting co., LTD.
54, Jin Yiming display engineering (Beijing) co., LTD.
55, Beijing is building decoration engineering co., LTD.
56, China building decoration group co., LTD.
57, west mike international exhibition co., LTD.
58, zhejiang branch letter science development co., LTD.
59, shandong Baxter exhibition engineering co., LTD.

China exhibition association. All rights reserved

Address: Beijing chaoyang district north third ring road east road no. 6 China international exhibition center

Telephone: 010-84600953 fax: 010-84600955 email: [email protected]

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