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    China exhibition association (hereinafter referred to as: the Chinese exhibition association) in June 1984 was registered in the registration with the ministry of civil affairs, is the only national exhibition industry organization of our country, the society for national level, international exhibition organizers (UFI) member national association. The competent business unit is the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council. Exhibition of China is mainly composed of exhibition, the organizer, exhibition venue, exhibition center, exhibition, exhibition engineering company transportation companies, exhibition, exhibition of institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, media, and related to the exhibition industry and participated voluntarily by enterprises and institutions with legal person qualification. Currently has nearly 300 member units, located in 29 provinces, more than 70 cities, including in the name of the regional exhibition association, the industry association to join the group and their dozens or even hundreds of member, member of the business scope covers the whole exhibition industry chain.

In order to adapt to the situation of rapid development, our country exhibition organizers to cope with the international competition and cooperation of exhibition industry, according to industry consensus, approved by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council and the ministry of civil affairs, China exhibition within the association set up ZuZhan professional committee, exhibition, exhibition engineering professional committee of theoretical research committee. China is gradually becoming a national exhibition industry association.

China exhibition association since its inception, actively serve the industry, service for members, government and industry information and provide a platform for the exchange, got the industry praise and recognition. China exhibition association hosted the "China exhibition" magazine, successfully organized BBS activities of different themes, alone or jointly with Peking University has organized several training Chinese exhibition industry, many organizations to strengthen internal contact and communication of fellowship activities. The development strategy of China exhibition association is: actively developing members, pay attention to absorb the exhibition organizers, exhibition engineering and related services of the enterprises and institutions membership; Does the practical work hard for the member, to provide diversified services to members and the industry; Work closely with the education scientific research institutions, jointly do a good job in the training, improve the professional quality; Actively organize international exchanges and cooperation; Construction of exhibition information and the spread of knowledge platform, in order to the common development of the industry.

With global economic integration and China's sustained economic growth, the exhibition organizers in China is faced with unprecedented development opportunities and challenges, China association of exhibition hall will unite the industry tongren, advancing with The Times, self-improvement, self-discipline create brilliant China exhibition organizers.

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