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With the deepening of the development of Chinese exhibition organizers, in order to further promote the prosperity and progress of each link of industry approved by the ministry of civil affairs and the state-owned assets supervision and administration and other relevant departments, the China association for exhibition "ZuZhan professional committee", "exhibition engineering professional committee", "exhibition theory research committee" three professional committee.

ZuZhan gallery association professional committee of China

Is mainly composed of host and organizer to participate in the exhibition. Through professional consultation and service, coordination and self-discipline, maintain the fair competition in the industry, promote ZuZhan business sustainable and healthy development of our country.
The director of the
Chen Xianjin Deputy director of the bureau of Shanghai, vice President of association, the international exhibition organizers
The standing deputy director of the
Zheng Shijun Vice President of China international exhibition center (group) corporation
Deputy director of the
Maya Asia Pacific cosmetics association chairman
Wang jun China association for science and technology, director of the center for the development of new technology
Wang Mingliang Shanghai director BoHua international exhibition co., LTD
YiShuYuan Automobile industry branch of ccpit vice chairman
Li Deying China's foreign trade center (group), general manager of sales department of the exhibition hall
Shu-Qing Zhang Munich exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD. General manager
Xu Yuwei The vice President of ccpit, of Beijing
Xu Yingxin The textile industry branch of ccpit deputy head
Rich RongPei Beijing tai international exhibition co., LTD., general manager
Secretary general
Mr Chen China's exhibition industry standardization technical committee secretary general
Deputy secretary general
Sun Hongwei China international trade center co., LTD., display department director
Jiang Chengwen Lizhan sinoexpo exhibition (shenzhen) co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors
Zhao peng Director of the national conference center
Telephone: 010-58566550
email:[email protected]

Professional committee of China association for exhibition exhibition project

    Put in exhibition design, construction, production and material suppliers to organize and promote exhibition design concept, standardize the procedures of construction, to develop technical standards, promotion of new technology and new material, to speed up the trade opening to the outside world, is a professional organization guarantee for the development of exhibition engineering.
The director of the
Jian-Pin Liu Changzhou informed exhibition equipment co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors
Deputy director of the
Lan-Lan Zhang Beijing HuaYi east exhibition co., LTD., the general manager
He Dexian Pen, exhibition service co., LTD., general manager of Beijing 
Zheng Jianjun Beijing certainly property management co., LTD., general manager of Pacific Ocean
Secretary general 
Zheng Jianjun(and) Beijing certainly property management co., LTD., general manager of Pacific Ocean
Telephone: 010-84600231
Email address:[email protected]

China's exhibition hall association theory research committee

    Unity and organization exhibition association member of the media in China, colleges and universities, scientific research, consultation and practical workers, exhibition of theoretical and practical problems, to carry out international exchanges and cooperation between exhibition theory, development and planning of national exhibition organizers and the relevant laws, regulations and policies put forward constructive Suggestions, gradually establish exhibition science theory system in our country.
The director of the
He Weixing President of Shanghai exhibition center (group) co., LTD
Deputy director of the
Wang Maotong Ningxia museum curator
YanLiXia Inner Mongolia museum curator
Wang Jianjun Xi 'an qujiang international exhibition group company President
Liu Haiying The national conference center general manager
Chen gang Suzhou international expo center co., LTD. General manager
Liu Mingjun Beijing architectural design institute exhibition architecture studio chief architect
Sun Tao Guangzhou AnGeBo computer software co., LTD. General manager 
Liu Dake Exhibition, director of the center of Beijing second foreign languages institute
Secretary general
Cui Li Secretary general of the China exhibition association assistant
Telephone: 010-84600958
Email address:[email protected]

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Address: Beijing chaoyang district north third ring road east road no. 6 China international exhibition center

Telephone: 010-84600953 fax: 010-84600955 email: [email protected]

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