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About pay dues notice in 2013

The first set of word [2013] no. 005
The head of the respect:

    First of all, thank you and your past work unit of the China association for exhibition support, concern and participation, it is under your concern, support and participation, China association of exhibition work to develop smoothly, and continue to grow stronger. In accordance with the provisions of the articles of association and the detailed rules for the implementation of Chinese museum association, as a member of the Chinese exhibition hall association, should pay the membership fee per year, to ensure the normal work of the association. China association of exhibition hall is divided into ordinary member, member of the governing units, standing director unit member and director of the unit, vice President of units, respectively pay different amount of membership dues. Specific payment amount, please see the table below.
Director of the unit 30000- Director of the unit 5000-
Vice director of the unit 15000- the member unit 2000-
The standing director unit 8000- Each individual member 300-
As you know, the association's main source of income is the membership fee income, is the association to carry out the activities and work smoothly. Therefore, I hope you in dues-paying member unit gives support to the association, timely, full specified amount pays.
    Please you in April 15, 2013 shall remit association dues to the account, and please note the "membership" on the order can use cheque (Beijing area).
    For you to the association's strong support, thanks again!

Account name: China association for exhibition
Account no. : 0200253009024900859
Bank: industrial and commercial bank of China Beijing branch both branches
The line number: 966

Contact: Lv Pin
Contact phone number: 010-84600966 13681186829
Fax: 010-84600955

China association of the exhibition hall
March 13 2013

China exhibition association. All rights reserved

Address: Beijing chaoyang district north third ring road east road no. 6 China international exhibition center

Telephone: 010-84600953 fax: 010-84600955 email: [email protected]

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