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Exhibition of outlaws pretend statement from the staff to sell goods

Each member units:
  Association of recently, I received a part of the member units, are criminals posing as China exhibition hall, chairman of the association of nominal purchase goods, sponsorship (mobile number 13717600986), for this reason, China association of museum solemnly declare as follows:
    China exhibition hall, chairman of the association has never authorized any unit and individual member unit to purchase goods, sponsorship, and other business activities, such as received such a call, please be vigilant, to identify, avoid being deceived.

Contact phone: 010-84600962
China association of the exhibition hall
On March 12, 2013

China exhibition association. All rights reserved

Address: Beijing chaoyang district north third ring road east road no. 6 China international exhibition center

Telephone: 010-84600953 fax: 010-84600955 email: [email protected]

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