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On the eighth member congress of the relevant notice

The first set of word [2013] no. 010
Each member units:
    According to the China association of exhibition articles of association and seventh session of five times the council resolution, the China association for exhibition eighth representative assemblies will be on July 25, 2013 held in lanzhou city, gansu province. On July 26, China association of exhibition hall, department of commerce, China council for the promotion of international trade in gansu province, gansu province committee jointly organized; China exhibition association secretariat, gansu international conference and exhibition center to undertake the fifth China's exhibition industry development in both east and west BBS also will be held with the ground. Regarding the notify is as follows:
    One, the eighth member representative assembly (limited association member unit representatives)
Will review by association of Chinese exhibition hall during the 7th council work report and financial report, elected the 8th China exhibition association, chairman of the board of directors, the executive director and deputy director, and the secretary general. Each member representative to attend on time, please.
    Second, the fifth China's exhibition industry development in both east and west BBS (all the delegates)
The main agenda is:
      1、China's exhibition hall, chairman of the association Zheng Shijun speech;
      2、Gansu province leadership speech;
      3、Former vice minister of ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, China's ambassador to the world trade organization (WTO) and the extraordinary ambassador, President of Chinese society for the study of the world trade organization (WTO) sun keynote speech;
      4、Famous economist, CCTV special economic commentators Ma Guangyuan Dr Keynote speech;
      5、President of the association of international exhibition organizers Chen Xianjin keynote.
    Third, after the meeting
    July 27-29, in jinchang, jiuquan visited China's gansu circular economy international exposition (gansu) and China international new energy exposition, a deeper understanding of exhibition industry in gansu province, to carry out exchanges and cooperation.
    On July 24, 2013, report meeting all day. For July is peak tourist season in gansu province, in various units, please arrange application form before June 30, 2013 (see annex) fill out and returned to the exhibition association secretariat, the participation fee will be further notice.
    Notice is hereby given that the.

The attachment:1、The schedule
2、Acknowledgement table the
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On May 27, 2013

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