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Chongqing Tianrun Exhibition Co., Ltd

Chongqing Tianrun Exhibition Co., Ltd. was established in April 2011, the main business: exhibition services; design, production, agents, publishing: signs, plates, light boxes, inflatable advertising; logo design, production; ; Design, production; landscape design; stage design; conference services; graphic design, production; engaged in construction-related business contractors approved cultural and art exchange activities.

Since its establishment by the relevant units in charge of multiple commendation, Jiangbei District in 2013 by the Trade and Industry Branch as "excellent micro-enterprises", "the contract, and trustworthy enterprise." In the exhibition processing, exhibition design has accumulated a lot of experience, has a very mature design, construction team and production workers. We are ready to move forward!

In 2014 the company won the "Chongqing exhibition industry the most potential enterprise" title, won the "Chongqing city exhibition excellent design award". In the company of the joint efforts of all staff, has made very good results, by the customer's praise. The successful completion of the "Rum, Kabang, two River City Housing Fair, Junfeng. Shangri-La Housing Fair, Dadukou District Fair, longevity Jingkai exhibition hall, Dadukou District Planning Exhibition Hall transformation, Dadukou District Administrative Service Center Hall renovation, Dadukou District Administrative Service Center-level service system to guide the exchange of design, production, installation, "and other projects.

In 2015 by the China Conference and Exhibition Economic Research Association, "Chen exhibition design and construction business integration Erji qualification."

Address:Dadukou District of Chongqing Municipality Tian'an Yun Gu 1 402
Mail editor:400084
Name:Liang Chen Jin
Position:General manager
E-mail:[email protected]

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