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ZhongJi three set decoration group co., LTD

ZhongJi three set decoration group co., LTD., approved by the state administration of industry and commerce was founded in June 1994, with the ministry of construction approved national decoration construction grade qualification enterprise, design qualification grade a, with a registered capital of ten thousand hk $ten thousand, lu in line with the principle of artistic innovation, leading technology, gradually develop into a large scale and strength of decoration enterprise. Has been the national credit evaluation committee and bank credit rating \"AAA\" enterprise, by administration for industry and commerce as \"guard contract, heavy credit\" enterprise, and adopted the GB/T19001 quality, environment, GB/T24001, occupational health and GB/T28001 system certification, China's decoration industry enterprises, the most influential brand enterprise. Company now with a new look to a diverse group, company and fire company two class, lightning protection design and construction of serie b, curtain wall two class, steel structure of two level, mechanical and electrical installation of two class, municipal landscaping two class, garden ancient architecture level 3 qualification, etc. Company in Beijing, tianjin, hainan, shenyang, changchun, Harbin and other large and medium-sized cities set up branch companies in the country has won a large number of building structure, decoration and construction decoration project, etc. One is: national agricultural bank, industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, postal, minsheng bank; The second is: national grid system is a large office building, multifunctional studio and other projects; Three is: the national museum of each big ideas, creative design and construction of national forest museum, museum of changchun city museum, museum of anshan, fushun, jinzhou ancient ecological world garden expo international exhibition hall, art exhibition center, tianjin museum of liaoning province; Four is: five-star hotel, airport terminal, the subway no. 3, large opera house, power plants, hospitals, military, apartment, villa, large-scale afforestation, clubs, shopping malls and other projects all over the country were well received by the owners and supervision.
Company through the rich engineering practice, accumulated a wealth of practical experience, as well as training, training a large number of excellent technology and construction personnel, has 20 senior engineers, engineers, 21, 10 registered economist, accountants, 20, primary constructor 26, designer 47, total staff more than 120. Construction of more than 800 employees. A strong and good decoration team continuously perfect, expanding and development. In the last two decades, ZhongJi sanli has always uphold the \"elaborate design, strict and careful construction, prevent pollution, engineering quality, people-oriented, safety first, according to the law, continuous improvement\" management policy, to the market at home and abroad, the credibility of superposition with, defends the contract, provides the high-quality service for the customers from all walks of life. \"Committed to innovation, our services, standardized management\" diamond quality casting the high-quality goods project, combined with new and advanced design idea and fine scientific management for the owners to create green, beautiful and comfortable environment. Company a number of engineering construction by successively won the China state construction engineering luban prize, the national construction decoration award and a number of combined engineering award.
Passion across, ZhongJi three core competitiveness in the field of constantly consolidate the traditional decoration at the same time, committed to innovation, ZhongJi three set by the all rivers run into sea mind and persistent spirit to meet every challenge. ZhongJi the tenet \"three continues with excellent engineering and service quality, construction quality, win-win future with our clients.

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