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Zhejiang Mellon Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Founded in the year of 2004, Zhejiang Mellon Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. was China’s top 50 environmental-friendly architectural decoration enterprise with titles of Grade A National Building Decoration Project and  Construction Decoration Project. After years of efforts, Mellon now has developed as an integrated enterprise which mainly provides the services of decorative design and  construction, or other items such as steel structure, curtain wall, intelligentialize, city-lighting, landscape and e-commerce. The programs our company undertook have won a great number of national, provincial as well as municipal prizes and honors, including  "National Quality Building Decoration Engineering Award", " Excellent China's Design Industry Design ", " Outstanding Architectural Decoration Engineering Award of Zhejiang Province” and so on. Meanwhile, Mellon is a company of AA grade credit enterprise.

Adhering to the service motto of  "Quality First, Customer First, Casting Products,  and Beyond the Self", Mellon dedicates to the city development, serves all sectors of the society with responsible image, high-quality products, innovation and good reputation. 

Address:3rd f,Area C ,TIanHe building , Jiaojiang district,Taizhou city,zhejiang province
Mail editor:318000
Name:Bao Yongqiang
Position:General manager
E-mail:[email protected]
Name:Xu Jiajia
E-mail:[email protected]

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