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In 2012, the China association for exhibition memorabilia

In 2012, the China association for exhibition memorabilia   Record of Important Events of CAEC in 2012

On January 17, 2012, the China association for exhibition four times the 7th council was held in sanya.
    From April to August 2012, the China association for exhibition in the China association of museum exhibition engineering qualification assessment standards and measures for the administration of the revision work.
    6 to 11, 2012, China association of exhibition hall to carry out the third batch of exhibition industry credit rating.
    On August 2, 2012, the China association for exhibition the 7th four times the standing council held in ningxia yinchuan.
    On August 2, 2012, the China association for exhibition of the fourth international conference of east and west exhibition industry in ningxia yinchuan, and after the meeting the organization investigation of ningxia exhibition market.
    On September 20, 2012 - December, the China association for exhibition 2012 annual exhibition engineering enterprise and exhibition venues qualification level assessment of engineering department.
    On 22 September 30, 2012, at the invitation of Taipei world trade center, China exhibition hall mainland enterprises to participate in the exhibition industry association members exchange tour to visit Taiwan, for the 7th "exhibition industry seminar" on both sides of the strait, and visit paid for local economic and trade organizations, to promote exchange and cooperation on both sides of the convention and exhibition industry.
    On November 6 ~ 9, 2012, held at the 79th annual meeting of the UFI. Li Jiayu on behalf of the Chinese exhibition hall association secretary-general attended the annual meeting and attended the meeting.
    On December 2 ~ 11, 2012, Chinese exhibition association member units (IFES) in the international exhibition services association hosted the 10th Brazil international exhibition exhibition (Expo 2012) Systems. Zheng Shijun director as a delegation, a total of 26 representatives from member units.
    In 2012, a total of 242 enterprises to join the China association for exhibition:
1, bo, exhibition service co., LTD
2, yongcheng century exhibition (Beijing) co., LTD
3, exhibition held expo public relations planning (Beijing) co., LTD
4, good visual culture development co., LTD., Beijing
5, Beijing feng and HaoYuan advertising co., LTD
6, Beijing yi and advertising media co., LTD
7, the east and display design (Beijing) co., LTD
8, Beijing yu god design engineering co., LTD
9, Beijing exhibition co., LTD
10, Beijing Ming hong technology development co., LTD
11, jedaiah, Beijing international exhibition co., LTD
12, Beijing, London exhibition services co., LTD
13, Beijing eagle China convention and exhibition service co., LTD
14, Beijing HongXu century culture development co., LTD
15, Beijing's exhibition service co., LTD
16, Beijing hongda electrical and mechanical technology co., LTD
17, black oil, (Beijing) exhibition co., LTD
18, gorgeous scene graph (Beijing) digital technology co., LTD
19, the first international exhibition co., LTD
20, and Beijing and feel well fai exhibition service co., LTD
21, Beijing hongzhi weiye exhibition co., LTD
22, Beijing huitong the world international exhibition co., LTD
23, Beijing Beijing sea qso international science and technology convention and exhibition co., LTD
24, Beijing new century culture communication co., LTD
25, Beijing Enoch visual space design co., LTD
26, he west yards exhibition co., LTD., Beijing
27, west mike international exhibition co., LTD
28, building decoration design and research institute co., LTD
29, China broadcasting and television international economic and technical cooperation corp
30, Beijing today teng sheng exhibition co., LTD
31, Beijing snow media technology co., LTD
32, Beijing phase natural advertising co., LTD
33, Beijing ocean sail of convention and exhibition co., LTD
34, Beijing international advertising co., LTD
35, CITS international convention and exhibition co., LTD
36, Beijing tiger creative technology co., LTD
37, surplus hengsheng information (Beijing) co., LTD
38, to show the world (China) co., LTD
39, Beijing machine lianchuang advertising co., LTD
40, Beijing yong is creative exhibition co., LTD
41, middle, Beijing Henderson building decoration engineering co., LTD
42, Beijing beauty media advertising co., LTD
43, Ge era culture development co., LTD., Beijing
44, exhibition (Beijing) co., LTD 45, Jin Hongzhan, Beijing international exhibition co., LTD
46, Beijing space exhibition co., LTD
47, Beijing is building decoration engineering co., LTD
48, Beijing star television equipment technology co., LTD
49, Beijing tong is international exhibition co., LTD
50, space scales as the development of science and technology co., LTD., Beijing
51, Beijing bao induced decoration engineering co., LTD
52, wang zhen ni magnolia bark, Beijing exhibition co., LTD
53, Beijing is international exhibition co., LTD
54, sega Beijing exhibition co., LTD
55, Beijing wide and bo exhibition co., LTD
56, Beijing jiu hua interconnection technology co., LTD
57, Beijing exhibition co., LTD
58, its outstanding media advertising (Beijing) co., LTD
59, Beijing Oriental hengmei exhibition equipment technology co., LTD
60, bright eye, Beijing culture communication co., LTD
61, day sweet beauty technology co., LTD., Beijing
62, Beijing tong ka wah exhibition co., LTD
63, Beijing xinhua terms culture co., LTD
64, Beijing glume seika international culture communication co., LTD
65, Peng international exhibition co., LTD., Beijing
66, Beijing macro CaiYun culture media co., LTD
67, host bleum (Beijing) international exhibition co., LTD
68, Beijing Oriental's exhibition co., LTD
69, Light man digital technology co., LTD., Beijing
70, Beijing together esselte exhibition co., LTD. (together to host)
71, five alliance international conference and exhibition (Beijing) co., LTD
72, School of visual digital technology co., LTD., Beijing
73, certainly the legend (Beijing) international exhibition co., LTD
74, ShangFeng international marketing planning (Beijing) co., LTD
75, excellent exhibition (Beijing) international exhibition co., LTD
76, new JiYi international business exhibition co., LTD., Beijing
77, Beijing world exhibition exhibition co., LTD
78, Beijing century network technology co., LTD
79, Beijing water cube digital technology co., LTD
80, self tent manufacturing (Beijing) co., LTD
81, olin huatian exhibition (tianjin) co., LTD
82, tianjin Long Shun agricultural exhibition co., LTD
83, tianjin blue wheat exhibition co., LTD
84, tianjin huatian broadcom exhibition co., LTD
85, tianjin China stone exhibition service co., LTD
86, Shanghai unruh exhibition co., LTD
87, Shanghai han for exhibition project co., LTD
88, Shanghai datong advertising co., LTD
89, Shanghai "beth display design construction co., LTD
90, Shanghai vango exhibition co., LTD
91, Shanghai exhibition co., LTD
92, Shanghai wisdom construction engineering co., LTD
93, Shanghai YiPin display engineering co., LTD
94, Shanghai exhibition advertising decoration co., LTD
95, Shanghai construction engineering co., LTD
96, Shanghai modern architectural environment design and research institute co., LTD
97, Shanghai a figure and network science and technology development co., LTD
98, Shanghai building decoration engineering co., LTD
99, Shanghai heng embellish digital imaging technology co., LTD
100, Shanghai exhibition service co., LTD
101, Shanghai radio and television, film and television manufacture co., LTD
102, besides dagring international logistics co., LTD. (sea exhibition (Shanghai) international logistics co., LTD
103, Shanghai YunGang with visual art design co., LTD
104, Shanghai acaroid exhibition project co., LTD
105, Shanghai acaroid city planning co., LTD
106, Shanghai hui display design co., LTD
107, harry can is on exhibition engineering co., LTD
108, Shanghai Long Bo construction development co., LTD
109, Shanghai constant exhibition co., LTD
110, Shanghai modern international exhibition co., LTD
111, Latitude and longitude 111, Shanghai architectural planning design and research institute co., LTD
112, Mr. Cohan Shanghai culture communication co., LTD
113, Shanghai journal of communication co., LTD
114, Extreme exhibition project co., LTD., Shanghai
115, Shanghai guang chung multimedia technology co., LTD
116, Shanghai architectural modeling co., LTD
117, shaoxing red gong advertising co., LTD
118, ningbo new 3 d co., LTD
119, suzhou, credible advertisement decoration engineering co., LTD
120, suzhou art design decoration engineering co., LTD
121, suzhou cheng and international culture media co., LTD
122, suzhou xu think tank design construction co., LTD
123, hangzhou west lake international expo co., LTD
124, information technology co., LTD., hangzhou rock day
125, hangzhou day jun decoration design engineering co., LTD
126, decoration co., LTD., zhejiang, xiamen
127, hangzhou big exhibition service co., LTD
128, zhejiang world trade decoration design engineering co., LTD
129, new international convention and exhibition group co., LTD., jiangsu
130, nanjing lasse exhibition co., LTD
131, nanjing exhibition engineering co., LTD
132, Jiang Sudong kun exhibition decoration co., LTD
133, Pitch technology co., LTD., nanjing
134, jiangsu love tao culture industry co., LTD
135, nanjing macro language built exhibition co., LTD
136, nanjing three culture art co., LTD
137, wuxi certainly culture development co., LTD
138, ZhiXingHai digital technology (jiangsu) co., LTD
139, Construction of exhibition peng room changzhou co., LTD
140, yangzhou, taizhou guotai convention and exhibition management co., LTD
141, intelligent technology co., LTD., jiangsu sharp bridge
142, guangzhou jinhan co., LTD
143, guangzhou ChuangJia architecture model co., LTD
144, guangzhou three kawada digital technology co., LTD
145, jimei design engineering company in guangdong province
146, shenzhen fire digital technology co., LTD
147, guangzhou agtech display engineering co., LTD
148, guangzhou exhibit exhibition co., LTD
149, leifull culture science and technology co., LTD
150, shenzhen days lion international exhibition co., LTD
151, shenzhen bay teng yi exhibition planning co., LTD
152, shenzhen east dragon culture communication co., LTD
153, shenzhen book city advertising co., LTD
154, Central business district (CBD) zhuhai ShiZiMen construction holding co., LTD
155, The silk road shenzhen digital technology co., LTD
156, Multidimensional new town, shenzhen digital technology co., LTD
157, shenzhen intercontinental building decoration group co., LTD
158, shenzhen golden phoenix decoration engineering co., LTD
159, hefei source exhibition co., LTD
160, anhui banner art exhibition display co., LTD
161, anhui media express co., LTD
162, hefei jinnuo digital technology co., LTD
163, anhui new horizons of science culture communication co., LTD
164, chongqing digital city technology co., LTD
165, chongqing YunJingHan light exhibition co., LTD
166, sichuan golden peacock building decoration engineering co., LTD
167, sichuan and exhibition co., LTD
168, sichuan industrial environmental art design engineering co., LTD
169, sichuan province, sichuan culture ancient engineering co., LTD
170, chongqing asia-pacific exhibition co., LTD
171, proclaimed display engineering co., LTD., sichuan prosperous time
172, chengdu four dimensional yipin exhibition co., LTD
173, days lion digital technology co., LTD., sichuan
174, chengdu force digital technology co., LTD
175, sichuan's culture media co., LTD
176, chengdu di digital technology co., LTD
177, shenyang jia sheng exhibition co., LTD
178, shenyang xin HuaYi beizhan exhibition co., LTD
179, liaoning devoe, convention and exhibition co., LTD
180, Harbin ChengShiJi exhibition services co., LTD
181, changchun HaoYe exhibition service co., LTD
182, wuhan set exhibition co., LTD
183, wuhan new city international expo center management co., LTD
184, brothers exhibition decoration engineering co., LTD., wuhan east
185, wuhan exhibition decoration engineering co., LTD
186, designed for engineering (wuhan) co., LTD
187, jinan exhibition co., LTD
188, jinan zhuo exhibition planning co., LTD
189, jining smooth animation co., LTD
190, shandong jinlong building decoration co., LTD
191, dalian bo] multimedia technology co., LTD
192, your like potter industry co., LTD., shandong
193, ningxia orange interactive space advertising media co., LTD
194, ningxia ShangYuan culture media co., LTD
195, shanxi LuAn group exhibition hall
196, shanxi zhengda boya building decoration engineering co., LTD
197, henan Long Yu technology development co., LTD
198, henan deep macro environmental art engineering co., LTD
199, henan's stone exhibition services co., LTD
200, zhengzhou grain soils culture art co., LTD
201, henan gold elephant multimedia production engineering co., LTD
202, international wenbo, sanmenxia city management office
203, nanchang and thus xin exhibition co., LTD
204, Jiang Xipin exhibition service co., LTD
205, nanchang silks stone exhibition planning co., LTD
206, hunan blue field display exhibition co., LTD
207, changsha chuhe display exhibition co., LTD
208, hebei art building decoration engineering co., LTD
209, tangshan foreign architectural decoration engineering co., LTD
210, guizhou red double exhibition decoration engineering co., LTD
211, guiyang international convention and exhibition center co., LTD
212, Hohhot cheng jing the magic stone exhibition service co., LTD
213, kunming ober space decoration engineering co., LTD
214, baoji exhibition hall
215, shaanxi deep as decoration design engineering co., LTD
216, Beijing exhibition co., LTD
217, Beijing zhonglian absolom international conference and exhibition service co., LTD
218, Beijing huaxia exhibition co., LTD
219, Beijing fly letter electronic technology co., LTD
220, Beijing exhibition co., LTD
221, Mingde radical culture communication co., LTD., Beijing
222, roaming the world (Beijing) technology development co., LTD
223, the global digital media technology co., LTD., Beijing
224, elegant rainbow culture development group co., LTD
225, tianjin imagination future exhibition co., LTD
226, Shanghai francois display engineering co., LTD
227, Shanghai force rich display system engineering co., LTD
228, Shanghai exhibition service co., LTD
229, Shanghai day porch decoration design engineering co., LTD
230, Shanghai fly new media display design co., LTD
231, Long Bang decoration co., LTD
232, jiangsu in the beautiful day decoration engineering co., LTD
233, and nine days of jiangsu construction co., LTD
234, new stream power construction industrial co., LTD., jiangsu
235, nanjing posen industrial co., LTD
236, nanjing asia-pacific jiayuan building decoration co., LTD
237, shenzhen yong xin construction engineering group co., LTD
238, guangzhou art co., LTD
239, popular science products in anhui province engineering research center co., LTD
240, shenyang new world for asiaworld-expo management co., LTD
241, xi 'an sailing exhibition decoration design co., LTD
242, sichuan province has tianjiao construction engineering co., LTD

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